(  ♚  )   suave.  cunning.  honorable.  imperious.  controlling.  sophisticated.



Elijah, the prodigal son. The brother who could do no wrong by his mother and father but most importantly, beloved both by his parents and his siblings. Well-mannered and with the grace of an aristocrat in a village surrounded by such simple souls, Elijah was treated from youth with admiration and natural deference. The boy who could speak and the entire town square would fall silent to hear grew into a man respected alongside his father as one who the people could trust and look to for protection. It is not difficult to see how this might engender jealousy amongst his siblings however Elijah never allowed the attention and newfound respect given to him by all to outweigh his ardent affection for NIKLAUSREBEKAHKOL and FINN. The perfect son and perfect brother, Elijah was incapable of sin in the eyes of those around him. But when mother and father made them drink the blood of the girl he and Niklaus loved, turned them all into monsters, the life he’d once known perished with the last of his humanity.

It is infinitely uncomplicated for vampires to don the masks of humans, to walk amongst them as one of their own and all the while prey upon their flesh and blood. There are two types of vampires in this world: those who deny what they are, and those who do not. Elijah Mikaelson is, to this day, one of the former rather than the latter. There is compassion in him, and sympathy, too, but never empathy. The truth is Elijah has lost the ability to feel quite like humans do but like all vampires, he craves it. That spark of emotion so fierce and absolute that one could never doubt it. Instead he kills and slaughters and threatens, often innocents, before wiping his hands clean with silk handkerchiefs and stepping across the blood. A coping mechanism, or self-delusion, his siblings have never managed to discern. To them, he is the untouchable Elijah with such firm control over human and bestial that they could never hope to compete with. At their very core, each and every one of them is no different from the other. Mother made them vampires but she didn’t make them monsters. They did that to themselves.

History, as they would come to discover, is fond of repeating itself. Tatia was a scorned woman with a child and a husband she’d left and yet Niklaus and Elijah had loved her anyway. There is something cruel in the irony that her descendant, KATERINA PETROVA, had suffered the same kind of fate prior to meeting the Mikaelson brothers. Elijah loved Katerina, too. At first, inevitably for the woman who he reminded her of. Then later, for her fire and her spirit. That she chose the two most powerful men in the court to be her suitors was never a coincidence but the Katerina Elijah knew then was pure of heart no matter what airs and graces she put on to pretend otherwise. Loving her was not a mistake, loving his brother too much was the coup de grace. Revealing his nefarious plan to Elijah, Niklaus enlisted his brother in capturing and bringing her to the site of the sacrifice. Elijah refused, but his inaction was as grave a betrayal as his silence as Katerina fled. From the stories he would later hear, she hung herself and chose eternity rather than martyrdom and Elijah could never have loved her more than in that moment. She survived, she lives and so long as she walks this earth a part of him will always belong to her. 

The Petrova women might be cursed to ruin pairs of brothers at a time but the bond between Klaus and Elijah had been irrevocably damaged in their childhood. As Elijah not only became bystander but accomplice in their father’s violence and hatred towards his little brother, he’d known then that Klaus might never truly forgive him for it and Elijah could never blame him. Over the centuries, Elijah trailed after him as he chased Katerina and slaughtered towns and stole the crowns from the heads of kings to wear himself. He protected him when he could, and fought for him even when he couldn’t; he did everything in his power to lessen the burden of guilt upon his shoulders he carried with him everywhere they went. But for all his efforts, for all the love and sacrifice Elijah gave to Klaus it was never enough to mend him as Elijah hoped. Where was love’s all-encompassing power when Klaus sheathed a dagger inside their little sister and nothing Elijah did or said could make him undo it? It is, after all, as Klaus had once said himself: we do not feel, and we do not care. Vampires were made to feed and hunt, to kill swift and ruthless without mercy, to taste blood and lust for more. 

A monster in the skin of a man. A gentleman, an honorable man, but a killer with thousands of years of blood on his hands at heart. You may fear him, you may even hate him, but Elijah Mikaelson is an Original. And you will show him your respect.


Although his siblings may have given up on their pledge all those eras ago, always and forever still holds meaning for Elijah and he still loves and cares for all his siblings regardless of what transgressions they have or may come to commit. Even if he alone is left upholding this lie he’s sworn he will until the end of days if that’s what necessary to keep his family safe. Kol is a wildcard and Finn is unable to be trusted but they, too, are family and Elijah will everything that is within his vast and boundless reach to ensure that they are protected, too. 

A war is coming but if there’s anything the Originals excel at it is surviving. And not only that, but emerging victorious. They are the family from which all vampires originate, the strongest and fastest of them all and in the hierarchy of the supernatural animal kingdom, the Originals reign at the top of the food chain. Debonair and professional, Elijah’s network of allies and contacts span continents and are embedded within the very systems and governments that uphold the world today. If he wanted to, he could ruin a person in the blink of an eye without ever having to bare his fangs. There is art in manipulation, and Elijah has been a statesman of the Machiavellian and underhanded before the Borgia were ever born. 


KLAUS MIKAELSON  (  brother  )

These two Mikaelson brothers are infamous in their wrath and though they are as different as the sun and the moon, they are Mikaelsons through and through and should you cross a member of their family they won’t hesitate to tear you apart. In single-minded ruthlessness, Klaus and Elijah can never find room for disagreement. Klaus’ recklessness and impulse control is a matter that Elijah always frowns upon, particularly with regards to his frivolous treatment of innocent life. Sometimes hypocrisy, sometimes genuine concern and disapproval, it’s difficult being the elder brother of a megalomaniac who seems, at least on the surface, to care so little for anyone or anything. Elijah knows the truth of Klaus’ loneliness and paranoia and it is the only reason why he still endeavors to make an effort with him. When all is said and done his first instinct will always be to stand by his brother’s side, always and forever. But if Niklaus continues to push them all too far beyond their breaking points, Elijah is finished with allowing him to prioritise his own selfish needs above everyone else’s happiness. 

REBEKAH MIKAELSON  (  little sister  ) 

His darling little sister, beloved from the moment he laid eyes on her and swore to protect her all his life. One of his biggest regrets about their lives as vampires is that Elijah could never protect her from their parents. At times he thinks Rebekah hates this life and at others she relishes in it, but her heart and her temperament have always been too delicate for this mens’ business of blood and murder. It may be a flaw in his character but Elijah is unafraid to admit that to him, Rebekah will always be that little girl in need of protection. He has watched her grow and give her heart away to so many unscrupulous men and seen it break every time  ––  is it really so terrible that he wishes to shield her from that? His intentions are never to suffocate or to chain down her free will, but he is resolute in his certainty that he will always know what is best for her. Rebekah can play the part of rebellious child all she likes, it is Elijah’s duty to protect her, even from herself.

KATHERINE PIERCE  (  past lover  )

Like so many vampires who have come before her, Katherine delighted in the death of Katerina Petrova, in the death of her former naïveté and former self. Elijah could never understand why but perhaps that’s part of the enigma that surrounds her still; he’ll never fully know Katherine, never completely be sure of who she is. But he loved her in spite of that. He loved that Katerina more than the mortality he craved but could never have. Her smiles, her charm, the achingly beautiful way she’d whispered if we cease to believe in love, why would we want to live? If he hadn’t already been half in love with her then, that would have been the nail in his coffin. Love, the root of all their problems and the one weakness every being on earth can never escape. That was the old Katerina, the Katherine now is merciless and cold in ways she never was. A survivor who cares only for herself, sets into motion plans that take and ruin innocent lives but even that is something to be in awe of. Beneath her facade, Elijah is certain that the Katerina he knows and loved is in her, too.

ANTHONY CHARLEMAGNE  (  business partners  )

A man who is essence nothing but a corporate con artist is precisely the kind of man Elijah would typically despise. Anthony Charlemagne is an odd breed of conman, and that’s perhaps the only reason Elijah did not detach his head from his neck when he discovered the millions he had lost in one of the man’s schemes. All pirates have their certain codes of conduct and once Anthony swore to repay the debt and more, a rather prolific working relationship was established. For the past couple of decades or so, Anthony has been responsible for funding numerous of the Mikaelsons’ ventures, providing resources for them and financially destroying their enemies and rivals when needed. While he dislikes Anthony’s methods, he admires his craftsmanship and resourcefulness. Anthony’s connections to his pack have also been a topic of interest for Elijah however Anthony’s unprecedented loyalty and silence on the matter is something the Original may have no choice but to exploit.


Those who deal with demons are usually either incredibly foolish or incredibly desperate. Elijah is neither of these things however alliances with servants of the underworld have been far more efficient in the past than friendships with those of heaven. Scarlett Zimmerman in particular, despite her flirtatious tendencies and the way in which she views their relationship as a seduction, is a key player Elijah has been grateful to have as an ally. He’s wary of course, demons are far older and more powerful than even Originals and will use any method, including the physical and sexual to have their way but so far Scarlett has proven to be less deceitful than Elijah would have anticipated. He expertise in espionage and all manner of the more distasteful underbelly of supernatural politics and war-making means she is an invaluable asset. Her connections and her power are great enough that Elijah is willing to suffer any number of innuendoes and provocative advances. Far deadlier women have tried to tempt him and failed.