(  ♚  )   cunning.  sadistic.  volatile.  uninhibited.  uncompromising.  possessive.



Monsters aren’t born, they’re made, Klaus Mikaelson is a prime example of that fact. You might look at him and find only a monster now but he wasn’t always like this. The anger, the mistrust, the paranoia  ––  those were traits ingrained in him from birth. The first thing he ever came to understand about himself was that he did not belong. Bastard. The son of a beast. Unwanted. Words that stung more than any act of violence, festering deep within him as mother stood by and said nothing, as his elder brother helped father restrain him and allow him to be humiliated, broken and beaten. For what sin, Niklaus could never understand. That he had been born? That his mother had loved another man and bore his child? That his father had not been enough to satisfy her? It was made unfailingly clear to him that no matter what he did or how hard he tried to please them, simply existing was a transgression he’d unknowingly committed the moment he’d drawn his first breath. 

Mikael could never have known for sure that his son was not his but another man’s but he had his suspicions and his blatant hatred towards Niklaus made him all the more desperate to keep preserve the affection of his siblings. To them, he was the fun, exciting older brother where ELIJAH was the stern and scolding one; he played endless games with KOL until they had no energy left to run, stayed up late in the midst of thunderstorms to whisper to REBEKAH until she fell asleep. It was his desperation to make them love him that he blames for bringing Henrik with him that day. There was nothing more intriguing and dangerously thrilling then watching the wolves as they shifted on the eve of a full moon; others had done it before them, surely just one couldn’t hurt. Henrik’s death on that night, attacked by one of the wolves that turned out to be too feral and uncontrollable in their true forms, changed everything. By then, even Niklaus could not blame them for hating him.

The death of their beloved youngest son drove his parents to use the immortality spell upon them, tainted the wine they drank with the blood of the woman their two eldest loved nearly more than anything in the world. Tatia, like a meteor that streaked through the night, burned high and bright and left a greater mark in death than she did in life. Aside from Rebekah, she was, perhaps, the only woman he ever truly loved. His horror echoed on Elijah’s face lasted mere seconds before the hunger consumed them. With his siblings’ first kill, they all became vampires. With Niklaus’, he transformed into the creature lying dormant in his veins since birth. The Original Hybrid. The source of all his problems, past, present and future. After Mikael slaughtered his biological father and the rest of the man’s family, Esther placed a curse on him to force his werewolf side into submission. In an act of cold vengeance and fury at a mother’s betrayal  ––  the woman who was supposed to protect and love and care for him forever forcing pain and torture upon him once more after she had stood by in silence for so many years  ––  Niklaus murdered her, and let the man he called father take the blame.

Throughout the centuries, his father hunted him. But Klaus did not lie down and let himself become victim when the capacity within him to be victor was his birthright. He, Elijah and Rebekah formed the sacred pact between them, that no matter how much a lie it had always been to begin with, Always and forever, meant more to Klaus than he could ever admit. Together, they were gods among men. Gods walking among mortals, taking what they wanted when they wanted and no man or woman had a single hope of standing in their way. Empires fell and they lived, eras crumbled into each other as they lay waste to kingdoms; the world, both supernatural and human, learned to fear them. The great myth of the Original family spread like a plague  ––  their beauty and their brutality, their cruelty and ruthless execution of their enemies. They became a terrible folktale no one was ever sure was true but didn’t want to deny or risk their all-seeing wrath. To become a monster more monstrous than anything the world had ever seen was the only way they could live, the only way Klaus could survive. For the right to live, Klaus would commit any sin, murder any lover and massacre any who stood in his way.

In this whole wide world of gods with no mercy and monsters with no hearts, the only thing you should fear most is a man who knows he has nothing to lose. And Klaus Mikaelson –– Klaus has nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Klaus’ loyalty has always been to his family first and foremost. His two beloved siblings, Rebekah and Elijah who remained with him through the worst times of fleeing from city to city, continent to continent, to evade his father. Always and forever is a phrase that serves an all-encompassing purpose. Kol and Finn he’s always cared for less and the siblings are quite aware of where they stand however that doesn’t mean Klaus considers them any less of his own flesh and blood. 

For his family, there is little Klaus wouldn’t do. They are his greatest source of joy but also his greatest source of paranoia. His constant fear of their betrayal and conspiracies against him has proved time and again to be the cause of unnecessary conflicts. Having turned his own mother and father against him in the past, the only people he has left to rely on are his siblings but his own controlling, possessive desires have overshadowed that perhaps one too many times for him to be certain they will remain always by his side.


REBEKAH MIKAELSON  (  little sister  ) 

Klaus likes to believe he is the one constant in Rebekah’s life but the truth is and has always been that she is the constant in his life. The entire world may hate him so long as he always has his little sister’s love and loyalty. His fierce protectiveness of her from a young age magnified tenfold when they became vampires and even as she revelled in her new strength just as they all did, Klaus never stopped seeing her as the little girl that needed to be sheltered and looked after. Her desire for freedom and for love is a fickle dream he despises; she has him, and Elijah, and immortality.  ––  What more could she need? No matter what decade-long arguments and grudges they may hold against each other, no matter whatever petty squabbles and bouts of spite, Klaus loves his sister fiercely and without bounds. She, before anyone else, could prove he had a heart if she cared to. 

ELIJAH MIKAELSON  (  big brother  )

Elijah the prodigal son to Klaus’ hated bastard. The two brothers have always had a complicated relationship, one twisted by time and by their mutual obstinacy –– a genetic trait. It isn’t that Klaus sets out to make life difficult for him, it’s simply that the universe has crafted their roles for so long Klaus knows nothing else other than playing the antagonist to Elijah’s eternal white knight. They stand at polar ends of any spectrum, caught forever in thinly veiled animosity and suspicion. At their worst, they are a civil war between brothers. At their best, however, they are unimaginably powerful. Two impossible forces allied with each other instead of against. The only outcome worse than these two brothers plotting to take each other down is them working together to annihilate the other players upon the chessboard. 

STEFAN SALVATORE  (  old friend  )

Prohibition in the States remains one of Klaus’ favorite time periods to this day out of all of the many bygone eras and civilizations he has lived through. The charming young Ripper of Monterey he met in the golden age of the 20’s was truly a sight to behold. Brilliant and merciless, almost as warped in mind and body as Klaus was, they were better brothers than any flesh and blood siblings had even been. When Stefan named him a king, Klaus recognized instantly that he had a right hand man in Stefan who would never betray him. It’s a shame that the man he met then is not the man who exists now. Klaus doesn’t care who this simpering fool is who cares more about his love life and playing the hero, he wants his old drinking buddy back. He wants the Ripper back, and he’ll beg or borrow or steal anything it takes to make it happen.

SANTANICO DEYANIRA  (  indebted  )

As the witch whose coven broke the curse over his hybrid side, Klaus owes Santanico Deyanira for a favor even he doesn’t fully comprehend the magnitude of. Powerful beyond imagination and enigmatic about her ulterior motives, Santanico is one of the few people in the world Klaus genuinely respects. Her capabilities and her coven are not to be underestimated, particularly given the fact that they broke the ancient magic binding him for centuries that up until then, no one else could. For now, Klaus is in her debt and he is fully committed to some day repaying that debt. The when and what Santanico will require of him he has no idea but his paranoia and suspicion regarding the witch has been concealed well. Santanico is well aware of the power imbalance between them and there’s no way she can be trusted not to exploit to that to the fullest.

PETER HALE  (  ally  )

If you were to ask Peter and Klaus themselves exactly how they met you’d most likely receive a plethora of different, conflicting stories. The truth is never as it seems with these cunning men and that’s exactly what brought them together. They are kindred spirits, cut out of the same Machiavellian cloth. Peter Hale is a man who will stop at nothing to regain his old throne and his position again and Klaus empathises with that. Having an ex-alpha as an ally might not be all that useful on the surface, however Peter’s skill and talent in manipulation and scheming has been invaluable so far. As long as they both continue to fulfil their ends of the alliance the werewolf is a powerful advantage. Don’t think the good guys are the only ones who know how to make friends. If ‘friends' is what you could call shaking someone's hand with a smile while holding a knife behind your back.